October 2013

30 June 2013 marked the conclusion of a successful co-operation between myself and an important client. My involvement in the project had lasted almost 6 years and I felt it was time to move on. Having handed over my responsibilities, I'm enjoying a three-month hiatus and plan to start another engagement in October.

What's on offer

As it says in the sidebar, I'm mostly a Java guy with 15 years of experience. The details are in my CV (doc or odt) but I don't think a CV can convey what really matters.

I believe I have good analytical and problem-solving skills. I appreciate the complexities of requirement gathering and the value of customer feedback. I always consider the usability impacts of my design decisions. I understand that IT is not a cure-all and that true solutions to many problems are actually non-technical.

I'm keenly aware of the social nature and the inherent uncertainties of software development. I crave good craftsmanship and wish there were more of it in our industry. I recognize the importance of great tools and take time to learn them properly. I'm always willing to reconsider my opinions but I'm also capable of defending them - always in a friendly and civil manner.

What I'm looking for

I hope to join a team of developers who care about the quality of their output. I like a developer culture with emphasis on knowledge sharing, learning and improvement. That implies open and constructive communication. Agile practices are a plus as long as they're implemented consequently.

I'd love to work on stuff that matters. I'm especially interested in renewable energy, smart grid and energy efficiency, but also medical software, education or any other world-changing area I haven't thought of. Having said that, any software is worth working on as long as it improves the lives of its users or their customers.

I'm largely geographically constrained to Europe (ideally somewhere around Vienna) but a really great offer might tempt me overseas. I'm keen to try teleworking - huge open-source projects come from dispersed teams so it's got to be feasible. Hybrid models are also an option (3 weeks at home, 1 week on-site etc.).

If you're interested

Do write me a quick note - coding 'at' journey 'dot' sk.

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