Update on Logitech diNovo Edge and iMON PAD

My HTPC lived a few months without an update to its aptosid installation. When I subsequently did perform an update, I ran into some of the same problems I used to have with my Logitech wireless keyboard and iMON remote control. With the help of my previous blog posts, I was able to set things straight rather quickly.

The solution to my original keyboard problem had been to replace /usr/sbin/hid2hci with a dummy version. In the meantime, /usr/sbin/hid2hci was superseded by /lib/udev/hid2hci. I simply replaced the new file with a dummy version as well.

As for the remote control, the current problem resembled a broken "nomouse" mode of the imon kernel module that I had encountered before. The module seemed to be OK this time, however, so I kept looking and eventually the LIRC manual offered a great description of a LIRC-HAL interaction that seemed to match my symptoms. I tried following the advice from the manual but it just didn't work. It turned out the DEVICE setting in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf had become obsolete. The correct new setting is


and the remote works like a charm again (for a while, anyway...)

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